Samsung Smart Signage DC49J

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Samsung DC49J


The Samsung DC49J – there’s nothing like digital signage to engage your audience and deliver a message that can’t be ignored.    The affordable 43″ and 49″ DC-J Series commercial-level signage displays. The DC-J Series delivers the sharp, beautiful images Samsung is known for, with commercial cooling technologies designed for continuous 16/7 run times. Content management is easy, with playback either on demand or from a schedule. And the Samsung DC-J Series is covered by a three-year commercial warranty, making your decision to embrace the benefits of digital signage an easy one.

The DCJ series combines FHD resolution, 300nit brightness, and 16/7 reliability to boost engagement and relay timely information with superior content presentation.

Fits Any Budget

  • The DC-J series is an affordable 43″ and 49″ commercial-grade edge-lit LED digital signage solution. Impactful and flexible messaging is within reach of every business.
  • Full HD for Sharp, Captivating Messages
  • Deliver all the detail with an edge-lit LED panel that features 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, 300 nits brightness and 3,000:1 contrast ratio. Images and type will be crisp and clear.
  • Reliable 16/7 Operation
  • Samsung commercial displays are designed from the chassis up to deliver the highest quality images with exceptional reliability. Unlike home TVs, they’re designed specifically for long hours of continuous use, and they’re backed by a 3-year onsite warranty.
  • Built-In Tuner
  • The DC-J Series displays include an embedded tuner, for local tuning of TV content.
  • Versatile Connectivity
  • With a versatile interface including USB, DVI, HDMI, RS-232C and RJ45, easily connect and use a wide array of devices with the display.
  • MagicInfo Lite for Intuitive Content Management
  • With Samsung MagicInfo Lite, you can easily play a large range of content including video, images and photos, either on demand or from a schedule. Simply plug a USB device into the built-in port, or access the internal memory to display the desired content on the screen





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