Poly large Room Bundle with TRIO 8800

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Polycom Trio 8800 with Zoom Room Software. Ideal for medium to large spaces seating 4-8 people.  Single screen ready.
• Intel NUC i5
• Polycom Trio 8800 Conference phone
• Polycom Eagle Eye USB Camera
• 1 Year Service

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Polycom Trio 8800 with Zoom Room Software. Ideal for medium to large spaces seating 4-8 people.

Single Screen Ready Bundles


• Intel NUC i5
• Polycom Trio 8800 Conference phone
• Polycom Eagle Eye USB Camera
• 1 Year Service

Polycom Trio 8800 Conference phone

While Zoom customers enjoy Zoom video meetings on desktops, laptops and mobile devices, they often need a video solution for group collaboration in conference rooms as well.

With Polycom Trio™ optimized for Zoom Rooms, Zoom customers can use the Zoom meeting controls they know with the industry-leading audio quality of Polycom Trio to have the best Zoom Rooms meetings in conference rooms of any size. 

Polycom Trio optimised for Zoom Rooms

Polycom Trio optimised for Zoom Rooms provides a reliable and high quality meeting experience in the conference room for subscribers of Zoom Rooms in anPolycom Trio 8500 Conference phone affordable, consolidated solution.

When optimised for Zoom Rooms, Polycom Trio becomes a USB device acting as the Zoom Rooms and meeting controller, speaker and microphone for the Zoom Rooms meeting.

In this mode, Polycom Trio runs the Zoom Rooms controller application using the 5” color touch display providing the familiar Zoom in-meeting controls to navigate the meeting. Easily manage the speaker volume of Polycom Trio using the + and – control and mute and unmute the speaker using the capacitive touch mute buttons on each leg.

Polycom’s USB cameras, certified for Zoom Rooms, complete the Zoom Rooms meeting experience. Let Polycom
® EagleEye™ Mini, provide the highest quality video for teams.


Legendary voice quality

Polycom Trio, integrated with Zoom Rooms, delivers natural, rich, room-filling voice quality and the elimination of distracting background noise with the Zoom meeting user experience Zoom subscribers expect.

Polycom Trio 8800 is designed to bring the best meetings to every conference room. To ensure customers experience an uninterrupted flow of ideas,
Polycom Trio provides Polycom
® NoiseBlock™ technology that will automatically detect non-speech noise and mute the microphones. They will automatically unmute when speech is detected, so business can keep moving seamlessly.



• Enjoy Zoom Rooms meetings with the world’s clearest and richest audio experience—ideal for the conference rooms of every size
• Encourage user engagement with a familiar and simple-to-use interface and one-touch-to-join calendar integration
• Declutter Zoom Rooms with fewer required components
• Easy plug-and-play deployment, provisioning and management 

Polycom Trio Zoom Rooms kits and certified devices
Polycom has bundled together Polycom Trio 8800 with Polycom EagleEye USB Cameras and the PC needed to run the Zoom Rooms software into convenient, affordable and consolidated bundle that can be easily purchased and easily deployed.

Polycom certifies the integration of the following devices with Zoom Rooms:
• Polycom Trio 8500
• Polycom Trio 8800
• Polycom EagleEye IV USB
• Polycom EagleEye Director II USB
• Polycom
® VoxBox™


Intel NUC i5

The Intel® NUC is a powerful 4×4-inch mini PC with entertainment, gaming, and productivity features, including a customisable board that is ready to accept the memory, storage, and operating systems that you want.

Intel NUC i5

Polycom Eagle Eye MSR Camera

High performance HD camera for Microsoft Skype RoomSystems and Polycom Trio™The Polycom® EagleEye™ IV USB camera provides a best-in-class quality videocollaboration experience for Polycom® MSR™ and other Microsoft-certified SkypeRoom Systems. Certified by Microsoft as a Skype Room System camera peripheral, theEagleEye IV USB camera delivers a premium HD video experience with a pan, tilt and12x optical zoom capability suitable for medium and large sized meeting spaces. TheEagleEye IV USB camera also delivers a premium HD video experience when utilised with Polycom Trio™ 8800.

High quality video experience that satisfies large meeting space needs Polycom EagleEye IV USB camera produces incredible details and natural colors in full
1080pHD, reducing strains of video meetings for all meeting participants. The EagleEye IV USB camera covers a wide field of view of 72.5˚, with the mechanical pan, tilt, and 12x zoom that can be controlled using a simple handheld remote, so that meeting participants sitting at the back of the room can be just as easily and clearly seen by others.


1 Year Service included

Zoom Rooms software – not included in price.

Intel NUC i5 Datasheet

Polycom Trio 8800 datasheet

Polycom EagleEye MSR Camera Datasheet


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